Whether it’s a small team meeting, a meeting day for the board of directors, or an international conference, all these have one thing in common: conference technology! Requirements placed on technology include quick and user friendly solutions, wireless access and the use of mobile devices in meetings.

The renovation of the second floor of Marina Palace is now finished, and the meeting and event facilities certainly meet these requirements! The technology has been implemented based on our customers' wishes and designed to provide modern solutions: the meeting facilities are completely digitalized, and the 4K screens are easy-to-move with screen carts. A wireless Clickshare presentation system provides flexibility in meetings and enables participants to join in a presentation wirelessly with one touch of a button. A new wireless microphone system guarantees a better and cleared sound and the use of headsets. In addition, the use of a Catchbox, i.e. a microphone that can be thrown from person to person, expedites and makes taking turns easier and more playful.

IT is used before, during and after a meeting. The organiser of an event of a meeting does not always have the time or the opportunity to personally check the meeting facilities on site. Marina offers customers virtual presentations of the event and meeting facilities, as well as pictures of the facilities and various set-ups.
The renovated facilities have also been given new names worthy of them: Airisto, Aava (open seas), Meri (sea), Virta (flow), Lähde (spring), Lumi (snow), Pisara (drop) and Kuohu (surge). Here is a genial statement from our staff: "The Open Seas of Airisto Flow into a Spring that turns into a Snow Drop and ends up in a Surge."

The look and mood of the facilities can be changed with lighting with just one touch of a button, literally. A mood according to customers' wishes can be set by changing the position of the window dressings and the brightness of the lights. In addition, active loud speakers connected to the televisions that guarantee a movie-quality sound, can be used to create a special mood. All these elements can be controlled as a whole or individually in different rooms. A separate external amplifier is not needed, thanks to a built in amplifier unit. A renewed Brain Food 2.0 concept provides for relaxed eating and surprising elements combined with Scandinavian flavours. Seasonal products are shown in both the decorations, as well as the menu - we have a licence to enjoy, and you can indulge yourself, in a healthy way.

Virtual presentation
Floor plan