The three-day Nordic ScanVir 2019 congress will be organised in Turku between 3 and 5 June 2019 and will be hosted by the Department of Virology of the University of Turku Faculty of Medicine. A total of 250-300 virology experts from Scandinavia and elsewhere from Europe are expected to participate in the congress.

Virology researchers PhD Sisko Tauriainen and PhD Laura Kakkola from the University of Turku say that in the end, Helsinki and Turku were the two cities competing to host the congress. The virologists stress that the decision to hold the congress in the facilities of the Radisson Blu Marina hotel was based on good experience. – We have previously organised demanding national meetings in our own field at Marina Palace and their customer service has been entirely seamless and reliable. Also, the food has always been excellent and tasty, and the price competitive. Now that the large auditorium with rising seating in the newly renovated Turku City Theatre on the other side of the River Aurajoki will also be available, the combination is perfect for our plans.

The renovation of the Turku City Theatre will be completed in autumn 2017 and the building will available for meetings and banquets. The Radisson Blu Marina Palace hotel and the Turku City Theatre form an entity in which meetings and banquets for several hundred participants can be organised according to the Green Meetings principle, which means that the venues are within a walking distance of each other, explains Convention and Events Manager Sari Ruusumo. – The combination is magnificent and attractive even in winter.